1. Who’s to say what is ‘Literature’? Certainly not the CPL. #likethistryshakespeare

  2. Today in “This is News?”

  3. vsthepomegranate:

    Slim Goodbody

    I killed Slim Goodbody. I am a monster. #weedingmeansmakingthetoughdecisions #whousescassettesanymore

  4. Preparation is key. Don’t let this be your paintface.


  5. mal de coucou


    n. a phenomenon in which you have an active social life but very few close friends—people who you can trust, who you can be yourself with, who can help flush out the weird psychological toxins that tend to accumulate over time—which is a form of acute social malnutrition in which even if you devour an entire buffet of chitchat, you’ll still feel pangs of hunger.

  6. "Well maybe I’m just a priss or something, but I think all your ex-lovers should fit on a bus."

    "Not that you’d ever want to be on that bus."

  7. americasgreatoutdoors:

    The California Coastal National Monument comprises more than 20,000 rocks, islands, exposed reefs, and pinnacles along the 1,100 miles of California’s coast.  The scenic beauty and important wildlife habitat within the Monument are protected by the Bureau of Land Management as National Conservation Lands.

    Millions of people view the California Coastal National Monument from roads, beaches, bluffs, watercraft, or through one of the Monument Gateway Communities.

    Photo: Bob Wick, BLM

    Two months away…


  8. theyreallysaidthis:

    I have a serious problem with modern relationships and dating. I’m not sure if this is something specific to large cities or not but the habits that have formed seriously discomfort me.

    I have gone on a good amount of dates over the last couple years. I’ve met great guys and not so great guys….

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    Forrest at an orgy